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Hi there.

I'm Yusuf. I have strong interests in languages, cultures, technologies, entrepreneurship, and education.

After I learned how to code back in 2017, I started to like building stuff on the web. This webpage was built with One Profile, one of my notable projects. All of my published projects are hosted under a company called Giftworks.io.

Anyway, I hope you'll give One Profile a try and create an about page of your own. Here's the home page, oneprofile.info. If you're interested in creating about pages for your organization and teams, try this oneprofile.team

Thanks for dropping by my page.

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Dr Viktor Korolchuk

Lecturer of Neurobiology

Qabil has a strong command of English and is a confident speaker. He presented his results on
several occasions in the lab meetings and was always responsive to suggestions and criticism. He
also discussed a paper at one of our journal clubs demonstrating strong interpretation abilities along
with robust analytical skills.

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Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Lots of beautiful memories here. I wish I could turn back time.

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